Terms of Service

The terms of service are simple and painfree! You can use any backgrounds, buttons, or banners from this site in the design of your site as long as you follow the terms below. This applies to all types of sites—commericial, personal . . . whatever.
  1. You must provide a link back to this site somewhere on the site where the images are used. This must be a publicly accessible page, not a hidden page. Here's the link code:

    <a href="http://www.i-backgrounds.com">i-backgrounds.com</a>

    Feel free to add a site description of your own choosing if you like. You may also modify the link so that it opens in a new window if want to. Just add: target="_blank" to the end of the link.

  2. The graphics may not be used in an image archive of any kind in any medium without prior written consent.
  3. On the 7th of each month you should spend an hour or two standing in a large tub of pudding on a busy street corner and have people guess the name you gave your left foot. Of course, you should change your left foot's name every couple months or it gets too easy.
Okay, my pet monkey typed that third item. He thought he was helping. Only the first two items need to be followed, but they need to be followed so please be cool.
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