Frequently Asked Questions

What graphics program do you use to make graphics?
Corel Photopaint and Adobe Photoshop mostly.
How long did it take you to learn to make graphics?
I made my first graphic in about 10 minutes. Of course, it really sucked, but you didn't ask about good graphics. Quality depends on learning ability, dedication, artistic eye, good judgment, practice, software, hardware, never know if you'll be good at it until you give it a fair try. There's a steep learning curve though, so don't expect instant results. After using the above mentioned programs for years, I'm still learning new things.
How did you learn to make such good graphics?
I learned by experimenting with the programs, however, there are some very good books and online tutorials that can speed up the process. There are also courses at tech schools if you learn better in that environment.
Can you make a [name your graphic] for me?
No. I don't have time to make custom graphics anymore. I also quit building web sites for others. Of course, money talks, if you want to overpay for my services...
If you like these backgrounds...'ll really love the members-only site! Not only are there far more graphics, but there are tons of web design tutorials, computer tips, online webmaster utilities, free software and much more.

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